It is no mystery that the presence of overspray and infection in spray booths can create fire dangers,

growth rework, and decrease visibility and brightness. Peelable defensive coatings like Booth Shield®

from CarCanvas offer superior protection and may be applied and removed effortlessly.

When applying for peelable paint booth protection, observe these steps to efficaciously manipulate

overspray and maintain your sales space working — and searching — in peak condition:

Peel Away Old Booth Coatings | Peelable Paint

Before applying peelable booth coatings, it's essential to start with a clean slate. If defensive coatings

were formerly carried out to the walls or floors of your spray sales space, peel off the grimy coating and

roll the dry waste right into a tight ball for disposal. If paper booth protection turned into used, get rid of

it and remove it. If the spray sales space walls have overspray and contamination, cast off it with a

non-ferrous, non-sparking scraper and elbow grease. Dirty consumption and exhaust filters need to

additionally be removed at the moment.

Prep & Coat the Paint Booth Floor

Because concrete is porous, it ought to be sealed with a floor prep product consisting of Booth Shield

Floor Prep. Apply the floor prep coat and permit it to dry. Then follow one uniform coat of the peelable

ground coating. Booth Shield’s strip pable floor coating dries and is ready for normal booth site visitors

in a single hour.

Cover Cure Towers, Signage & Sprinklers

To make sure that expanded curing systems, consisting of AdvanceCure, do not grow to be lined with

the Peelable Paint, cover the nozzles or Blades with tape. Any signage in the paint booth must also be

included. Cover sprinklers with paper luggage for the duration of the spray process.

Apply New Coat to the Spray Booth’s Walls & Doors

Booth Shield peelable booth coatings may be implemented using the conventional or airless spray.

Apply one coat horizontally after which add a second coat vertically over the pinnacle. This removes

sagging and ensures the coating may be peeled off whilst it desires to be removed. You can spray

properly over wall lights, doors, and windows.

Although clear strip pable coatings are to be had, white peelable coatings are recommended for height,

brightness, and visibility. Booth Shield Peelable White strip pable coatings are to be had in both water or

solvent-primarily based formulation and in a variety of volumes to meet your coverage wishes.

After software, go away from the booth walking and permit the wall coating to dry for about 4 hours.

Sweep & Vacuum Any Residue

After eliminating all the vintage coating, vacuum or sweep up dust and dust. Inspect the spray booth

partitions and floor for coatings that had been now not absolutely removed or difficult surfaces caused

by scratches or rust. These areas need to be very well wiped clean and primed with a prep product,

which includes Booth Shield Wall Prep or Floor Prep.

Remove the Coating from Lights & Windows

After the coating dries, score around the lighting fixtures and home windows with a razor blade and peel

off the section of the coating that covers the lights and windows. Then, apply coats of a translucent

coating, including Booth Shield Peelable Translucent, over the lighting and home windows to provide

cohesive protection without inhibiting visibility.

Replace Paint Booth Filters

Install new paint sales space filters to make certain the effective seize of overspray and dust, maintaining

your sales space shiny, white and smooth longer.

Booth Shield peelable coatings will permit you to spray to your shiny, smooth booth for as many as seven

hundred sales space cycles. When it comes time to update the coatings, you will be amazed how tons

easier it is than putting off conventional sales space paper. After the rims are scored, Booth Shield

coatings quickly peel off, saving time for technicians and growing throughput.

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